Selamat Atas Capaiannya Muh. Rafly Pratama Y.

Muh. Rafly Pratama Yahyaddin, a delegation from the D4 Study Program of Travel Arrangements Lombok Tourism Polytechnic has participated in the Student Leadership Academy “International Movement” activity which was held in Istanbul Turkey🇹🇷

This activity was attended by 12 selected students from various Indonesian Universities from a total of 131 applicants by going through several selection stages consisting of Screening Curriculum Vitae, Making Videos, Motivation Letters, Essays, Papers, and Interviews.

There are the series of activities that carried out were Mini Conference with Turkiye Genclik Vaksi, Visiting Istanbul University, Conducting Social Projects in several Tourism Destinations, Doing a forum with Yeni Dunya Vaksi, Mihmandar International Student Association, PPI Istanbul and Incentive Tour activities to Uludag Mountain Bursa.

In this Conference, The delegation presented a paper by the title of “World Travel Pattern Development Model in The Era of Covid 19 Pandemic”.